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This November, we saw voters taking the first steps to repudiate the rightwing ideology and institutions that have long dominated much of the political landscape in our states. For too long, we have seen rightwing politicians, backed by corporate money and by conservative think tanks, blocking communities from improving wages, impeding expansion of health care, and auctioning off public assets and public contracts to big monied interests.

But now we can build on these progressive victories to build towards a progressive majority in all our states. On issue after issue of concern to working families, there are solid majorities for enacting progressive policies. What we need is a coordinated strategy across states to highlight those issues that can broaden the coalition of progressive voters and reframe the debate across the nation about why it matters to working families that progressives hold office in our statehouses.

Although these are obviously not exhaustive of the issues that embody the progressive agenda, the following issues reflect where progressives can make some of the most serious political inroads in the present environment:

Wage Standards and
Workplace Freedom

Balancing Work
and Family

Health Care for All

Smart Growth and Clean Jobs

Tax and Budget Reform

Clean and Fair Elections

By becoming a citizen cosponsor, you will receive updates on agenda items moving in your own state and in other states across the country. You will also play a key role in making sure these bills pass -- by working with legislators and raising the profile of agenda items in the media.

Read the full agenda in HTML or PDF.

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414 December 17, 2006 Mark NaccaratoDemocracy for Tennessee Nashville, TN
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411 December 11, 2006 Jacob Crabtree CrabtreeNone Ashland, OR
410 December 07, 2006 Marcey CaseyGalveston County Democrats Club Galveston, TX
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