State Legislator Letter of Support for the American Jobs Act


We, the undersigned, state legislators representing constituents from every region of the nation, strongly support the immediate passage of the federal American Jobs Act – a common-sense package of proposals that recognize the crisis of job losses in the states while adopting effective job-creation solutions that many of our states are already advancing.

In order to create and save jobs, we also urge that the following critical issues be addressed in any final federal jobs legislation:

• Relief to state budgets that will create jobs. States cannot afford more job-killing cuts. To avoid another recession, provisions in the American Jobs Act that allow for the hiring and retraining of teachers, police officers, and firefighters must be included in final legislation to counteract the continuing jobs crisis in the states. Over 600,000 state and local public-sector jobs have been lost since the beginning of the recession, losses that economists agree have been one of the main drags on our national economic recovery.

• Inclusion of job-creating revenue generating measures that ask all to pay their fair share. After seeing firsthand the job losses that budget cuts at the state level have caused, we also strongly support measures in President Obama’s plan that ensure the wealthy contribute their fair share to address federal deficit reduction in order to avoid further job-killing cuts at the federal level. At a time of historic income inequality, declining median wages, and increasing poverty, asking those who have benefitted the most to share in the sacrifice that so many working families have already made is the only fair and equitable solution to our nation’s long-term deficit issues.

• Adoption of innovative state policies to save and grow jobs. The American Jobs Act incorporates some innovative state policies intended to protect workers, including the prevention of employer discrimination against the unemployed and allowing workers to keep their jobs while collecting partial unemployment benefits through worksharing. Even in the toxic environment of anti-worker attacks that marred many state legislative sessions this year, these two common-sense measures have gained bipartisan support in many states, and should be supported in Congress as well.

• Cost shift to states in Medicaid. We are concerned about the proposed cost shift to states included in the deficit reduction proposals – specifically the adjustments to Medicaid, which would reduce federal matching dollars to states and threaten to harm the health security of families when they need it most. Creating the conditions necessary to create jobs and rebuild prosperity, while making sure any additional burdens do not fall on those who have already sacrificed so much and who can least afford them, is the single most important thing Washington can do in order to address both the jobs crisis as well as state and federal budget deficits.

State economies are in desperate need of positive action from Washington, D.C. on jobs. The economic effects of not passing the American Jobs Act would be devastating -- both at kitchen tables and in statehouses around the nation. We urgently support the immediate passage of the American Jobs Act.
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[Note: This open letter is intended to be signed by state legislators only.]

Washington D.C. needs to hear from state legislators today -- our states need jobs, and we need them now. Please take a few seconds right now to sign the open letter in support of the American Jobs Act below -- then ask your colleagues to do the same.

(If you would prefer to circulate this letter to your colleagues in printed form and return signatures to Progressive States Network via fax or scan, a printable sign up sheet is available here.)

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256 legislators from 48 states and 3 territories have signed as of November 17, 2011.
Rep. Napoleon Bracy
Sen. Johnny Ellis
Sen. Albert Hale
Rep. Daniel Patterson
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema
Rep. Bruce Wheeler
Rep. Jim Nickels
Asm. Roger Dickinson
Sen. Elaine Alquist
Sen. Angela Giron
Rep. John Kefalas
Rep. Beth McCann
Rep. Judy Solano
Rep. Angela Williams
Rep. James Albis
Rep. David Baram
Rep. Gregory Haddad
Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield
Rep. Roland Lemar
Rep. Matthew Lesser
Rep. Diana Urban
Rep. Christopher Wright
Rep. Mark Pafford
Rep. Alan Williams
Rep. Karla Drenner
Rep. Pedro Marin
Rep. Earnest Smith
Sen. Curt Thompson
Sen. Benjamin Cruz
Sen. Les Ihara
Rep. Angus McKelvey
Rep. Roy Takumi
Sen. Brian Taniguchi
Rep. Brian Cronin
Sen. Nicole LeFavour
Rep. John Rusche
Rep. Elaine Smith
Sen. Jacqueline "Jacqui" Collins
Sen. William Delgado
Sen. Mattie Hunter
Sen. David Koehler
Rep. Mary Ann Sullivan
Rep. Cherrish Pryor
Sen. Joe Bolkcom
Sen. Jeff Danielson
Sen. Bill Dotzler
Sen. Robert E. Dvorsky
Sen. Jack Hatch
Rep. Bruce Hunter
Rep. Patrick Murphy
Rep. Sharon Steckman
Rep. Ed Trimmer
Rep. Jared Brossett
Rep. Anna Blodgett
Rep. Sheryl Briggs
Rep. Mark Bryant
Rep. Paul Gilbert
Rep. Anne Graham
Rep. Denise Harlow
Rep. Jon Hinck
Rep. Melissa Innes
Rep. Chuck Kruger
Rep. Walter Kumiega
Rep. Maeghan Maloney
Rep. Edward Mazurek
Rep. Kim Monaghan-Derrig
Rep. Ann Peoples
Rep. Donald Pilon
Rep. Charles Priest
Rep. Peggy Rotundo
Rep. Diane Russell
Rep. Linda Sanborn
Rep. Peter Stuckey
Rep. Sharon Treat
Rep. Joan Welsh
Del. Sam Arora
Del. Al Carr
Del. Barbara Frush
Del. Tawanna Gaines
Del. Anne Healey
Del. Tom Hucker
Sen. Nancy J. King
Del. Eric Luedtke
Sen. Richard Madaleno
Sen. Roger Manno
Del. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
Del. Kirill Reznik
Del. Shane Robinson
Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg
Del. Mary Washington
Sen. Norman Stone
Sen. Ronald Young
Rep. Denise Andrews
Sen. James Eldridge
Rep. Denise Provost
Rep. Carl Sciortino
Sen. Glenn S. Anderson
Rep. Charles Smiley
Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi
Sen. D. Scott Dibble
Rep. Rick Hansen
Rep. Jeff Hayden
Sen. Linda Higgins
Rep. Carolyn Laine
Rep. Erin Murphy
Sen. Albert Butler
Rep. Eileen McGeoghegan
Rep. Margo McNeil
Rep. Genise Montecillo
Rep. Stacey Newman
Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford
Rep. Sharon Pace
Rep. Dick Barrett
Sen. Gary Branae
Rep. Margie MacDonald
Rep. Sue Malek
Sen. Amanda McGill
Sen. Jeremy Nordquist
Asm. Paul Aizley
Sen. Shirley Breeden
Sen. David Parks
Asm. Peggy Pierce
Sen. Mike Schneider
Asm. Tick Segerblom
Rep. Cynthia Chase
Rep. Rich DiPentima
Rep. Gladys Johnsen
Rep. Suzanne Smith
Rep. Charles Townsend
Rep. David Watters
Rep. Charles Weed
Sen. Shirley Turner
Rep. Gail Chasey
Rep. Eleanor Chavez
Rep. Miguel P Garcia
Sen. Cisco McSorley
Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino
Sen. Peter Wirth
Asm. Richard N. Gottfried
Rep. Kelly Alexander
Rep. Rosa Gill
Rep. Rick Glazier
Rep. Pricey Harrison
Sen. Ellie Kinnaird
Rep. Rodney Moore
Rep. Eliot Glassheim
Rep. Kathy Hogan
Sen. Tim Mathern
Rep. Ted Celeste
Rep. Mike Foley
Rep. Bob Hagan
Sen. Michael J. Skindell
Rep. Al McAffrey
Rep. Mike Shelton
Sen. Jim Wilson
Rep. Peter Buckley
Sen. Jackie Dingfelder
Sen. Diane Rosenbaum
Rep. Angel Cruz
Rep. Lawrence Curry
Rep. Flo Fabrizio
Rep. Kevin Murphy
Sen. Luz Arce PR
Sen. Frank Ciccone
Rep. Raymond Hull
Sen. John J. Tassoni, Jr.
Rep. Robert Williams
Rep. Jackson Whipper
Sen. Angie Buhl
Rep. Frank Kloucek
Rep. Larry Lucas
Rep. David Sigdestad
Rep. Kevin Killer
Rep. Tommie Brown
Rep. Lon Burnam
Rep. Garnet Coleman
Sen. Rodney Ellis
Rep. Jessica Farrar
Rep. Marisa Marquez
Rep. David Litvack
Rep. Bill Botzow
Rep. Johannah Donovan
Rep. Sarah Edwards
Rep. Bill Frank
Rep. Patsy French
Rep. Helen Head
Rep. Martha Heath
Rep. Kathleen Keenan
Rep. Warren Kitzmiller
Rep. Joan Lenes
Rep. Lucy Leriche
Rep. Jason Lorber
Rep. Jim Masland
Rep. Jim McCullough
Rep. Mike Mrowicki
Rep. Carolyn Partridge
Rep. Paul Poirier
Rep. Kesha Ram
Rep. Kriaty Spengler
Rep. Jeff Wilson
Rep. Suzi Wizowaty
Del. Jeion Ward
Sen. Usie Richards
Sen. Maralyn Chase
Rep. Eileen Cody
Sen. Steve Conway
Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
Rep. David Frockt
Rep. Kathy Haigh
Rep. Laurie Jinkins
Sen. Karen Keiser
Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Rep. Marcie Maxwell
Rep. Jim Moeller
Sen. Sharon Nelson
Rep. Mike Sells
Rep. Derek Stanford
Del. Nancy Guthrie
Sen. Ron Miller
Del. John Doyle
Rep. Peter Barca
Rep Terese Berceau
Rep. Janet Bewley
Rep. Fred Clark
Sen. Spencer Coggs
Rep. Elizabeth Coggs
Rep. Jason Fields
Rep. Tamara Grigsby
Rep. Dave Hansen
Rep. Gary Hebl
Rep. Gordon Hintz
Rep. Brett Hulsey
Rep. Andy Jorgensen
Rep. Fred Kessler
Rep. Chris Larson
Rep. Corey Mason
Rep. Mark Miller
Rep. Louis Molepsky, Jr.
Rep. Sandy Pasch
Rep. Mark Pocan
Rep. Janice Ringhand
Rep. Fred Risser
Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts
Rep. Kelda Roys
Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber
Rep. Chris Sinicki
Rep. Chris Taylor
Rep. Lena Taylor
Rep. Robert Turner
Rep. Robert Wirch
Rep. Leon Young
Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa
Rep. Josh Zepnick
Rep. Ken Esquibel
Rep. James Byrd