Sign The Letter: Stand With Workers

[Note: This open letter is intended to be signed by state legislators only, not advocates or the general public.]

In the last few months, huge corporations and their allies have used a window of political opportunity to push through an anti-middle class agenda through legislation that scapegoats public workers and strips them of their rights.

In states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire, Maine, and more, legislators have been on the front lines courageously standing up to this assault on the middle class. But as this nationally coordinated assault threatens to spread even further, courageous lawmakers -- from both parties – are raising their voice in solidarity with workers.

When voices like yours are amplified nationally and in the media, they can have a huge impact on the national debate.  Please take a few seconds right now to sign the open letter below, then ask your colleagues to do the same.

Let’s show the entire nation that legislators in all 50 states are truly standing up for the middle class.


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Open Letter In Support of Working People:

At a time of historic income inequality and job losses in America, corporate executives and their allies have launched a destructive political attack targeting the rights of workers in statehouses across the nation. As state legislators, we, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with these nurses, bus drivers, firefighters and teachers who provide essential services to our children, seniors, and communities.

Taking away their hard-won rights does nothing to create jobs, rebuild the economic prosperity of our states, or strengthen our families or protect the middle class.

As legislators representing vastly different constituencies in states across the country, we join together to voice our shared desire to work in a constructive manner with all relevant parties to advance a vision for our nation’s future that truly ensures the economic security of working families and the unemployed.

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(If you would prefer to circulate this letter to your colleagues in printed form and return signatures to Progressive States Network via fax or scan, a printable sign up sheet is available here.)